Top Intrepid Articles, Blog Posts, and Webinars of 2018

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December 18, 2018

Our team had a lot to say this year about how to design great learning programs online to solve business challenges. (And our clients racked up some great awards for programs which demonstrate this advice in action!) Check out our Top Three Webinars, Top Three Articles, and Top Ten blog posts of 2018 to make sure you didn’t miss any mindset-changers or critical tips!


We had 2 fantastic guest speakers who shared their compelling visions for learning’s future, and Intrepid’s own Manjit Sekhon explained a fantastic way to put your own vision for learning at your organization into action.

No I in Team: Corporate Learning’s Digital Future with Chris Pirie, former CLO of Microsoft

Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint with Manjit Sekhon


We happily shared our expertise more widely in articles published in TD, Training, and Learning Solutions Magazines:

5 steps for Keeping Your Stakeholder Happy by Manjit Sekhon

“I’ve learned that when it comes to the success of learning experiences, happy and committed stakeholders are as important as the experience design itself. With next-gen online learning projects, this is even more important” [read more…]

So Just What Does the Learner Experience Mean by the Intrepid team

“The learner experience is not just a binary relationship around a learner knowing content, it is about how, when, where, and why a learner interacts with content. It pulls on factors like engagement, collaboration, application, and meeting the learner where they are…” [read more…]

3 Essential Elements to Build an Online Community by Elizabeth Pearce

“Most of us want active communities in our training programs. We know the power of participation in developing skills and changing behavior. Passive training programs are not just boring; they’re ineffective.” [read more…]

Facing Business Disruption? Disrupt Your Learning! by Sam Herring

Learning has always been a critical enabler of strategic change within large organizations, so it is not surprising that learning leaders are increasingly being called upon to help businesses face the effects of digital disruption. But the digital challenge is unique. [read more of this Training Industry Top Ten of 2018 article…]


Going Digital? Solve for Culture First
JR Burch’s take on what the first steps are towards realizing a learning vision.

Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Great Corporate MOOC
Spoiler: it’s Context Communication, and Collaboration, but this post explains just what is meant by that when it comes to corporate MOOCs.

Conducting “Voice of the Learner” Sessions: The Why and How
Nick Iverson’s look at usability testing won an eLearning Learning best blog award, and rightly so!

8 Tips for Going Digital in 2018
Ann Roesener’s advice to training providers.

In Search of the 5% Solution
Guest blogger Mike Duffy on how to get the maximum return on learning investment

Beyond the Talking Head: Add Life to Your Learning with SME Videos
Le’a Kent gives some great advice on how to get the most out of your subject matter experts on camera.

Want to Create a Great Online Learning Experience? Make it a Great Website!
Rachel Elfenbein delineates the link between great websites, and great online learning platform experiences.

Digital Learning Vision: The What and the How
Check out our Digital Learning Blueprint, and how you can use it to enact your learning vision.

Enjoy! And we look forward to sharing more of our enthusiasm for great learning in 2019!

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