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Catie has been with Intrepid since 2015. She holds degrees from Oberlin College and U.C. Davis. Her numerous articles have been published in the likes of Training Industry and CLO Magazine, as well as Intrepid's blog.




Learning Feedback in a Changing Business World

Insights, trends, and surprises from 3 years of running our High-Stakes survey of learners.

Collaborative Online Learning Breaks Down Silos

CLO Magazine article delving into how collaborative learning can cut across organizations silos and segments.

Buckle up for Blended Learning

CLO Magazine article exploring "blended learning", what it is, how to use it, and why it's poised to take over corporate training in 2021

Online Collaborative Learning Obtains Results: How a Preschool Experiment Relates to Corporate Training

What does a 1960s preschool experiment have to do with approaching corporate learning in 2019? More than you might think! Check out this Training Industry article for all the details.

Here's the CPR to Save Your Flatlining L&D Program article explores responses to Intrepid's 2019 State of High-Stakes Learning Survey Results

DE&I training in historic times: Lessons learned and the path ahead

Interviews with 5 learning leaders about online DE&I training, 2020 in historical context, and more.


Getting Smart: Next-Gen Professional Learning in the Workplace

Getting Smart interviews Intrepid's Sam Herring and Catie Bull about modern corporate learning, microcredentialing, badging, and more

Blog Posts

MOOC is Not a Dirty Word

Corporate MOOCs mean something else now...

Collaborative Learning is the Answer (Part 1)

A look at answers to many of the problems raised by respondents to our 2019 State of High-Stakes Learning survey.

Collaborative Learning is the Answer (Part 2)

"What's preventing you from taking your career to the next level" is one of the questions we asked in our State of High-Stakes Learning survey. Bull explores how to surmount the challenges articulated by survey respondents.

People, People!

What do marketing, corporate learning, and Intrepid's Declaration of Modern Learner Rights have in common? Check out the blog post for Bull's POV.

What to Worry About When Moderating, and What Not to Worry About

Online learning requires moderation skills, but you can relax! There are some things you DON'T have to worry about.


Best Practices for Sales Training in 2021: Practical Application, Collaboration and The Digital Blend

Selling and buying cycles have changed over the years, and sales enablement training has shifted as well. Coupled with COVID-19’s impact on businesses across industries, effective sales training in 2021 will look different than in years past. (Moderator of panel discussion)