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2 More Training Myths That Won't Go Away

But should!

Treat Your Learner Like a Hero, and Their Course Like a Journey

What do cartography and storytelling have to do with online learning programs in the corporate world? We explain.

What is "The Learner Experience"

A round-table discussion of "the learner experience" -- what it is, what it means, how to create it, and how to leverage it.

Business Impact Data Made Easier

You can never go wrong with a blog post including solid tips for measurement.

Love, Money, and Glory: Upping Your Game

Three prime motivators, and how to leverage them in corporate learning when applying gamification to a program.

5 Ways to Lower the Barriers Between Your Learners and Learning

How to knock obstacles out of your learners' way, easily!

Gamification Two Ways: A Look at Learner Motivation

A Microsoft case study of gamification through the lens of learner motivation.

3 Tips for Content Curation in Blended Learning

Blended learning can be an excellent path forward for online learning. Here are three solid tips to get you started.


Healthy Learning: Modernizing Healthcare's L&D

The CLO of Providence St. Joseph Health shares her wisdom for healthcare providers struggling to take their L&D into the future.

5 Steps for Keeping Your Stakeholders Happy

Learners aren't your only customers when it comes to corporate training. This Learning Solutions Magazine article has 5 tips for bringing your stakeholders along throughout the design and delivery journey.

3 Essential Elements to Build an Online Community

It won't happen by magic. It takes three key components, all in play together, to really make online communities vibrant and meaningful for learners.

7 "C"s Ensure Learner Engagement in a Corporate MOOC

Learning Solutions article with the top 7 tips for making a corporate MOOC an engaging online learning experience, with advice from Microsoft's Hilary Albert

Bite-Sized Learning Turns Less Into More

Training Industry magazine article: a great primer on microlearning and chunking.


Respect Your Learners Rights!

A compendium of posts and articles centering around Intrepid's Declaration of Modern Learner Rights—how to keep them in mind when designing corporate training, and what they mean for business bottom line.