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Rachel Elfenbein - Intrepid by VitalSource

Director, Product Management

Rachel Elfenbein




Director, Product Management. 



Blog Posts

Want to Create a Great Online Learning Experience? Make it a Great Website!

You might not think you're in the web design business, but if you're a learning professional, you are! Lessons to be learned from website design for online learning programs.

Say Hello to a New Feature: Auto Transcription

Earlier this year, we released an auto-transcription and auto-closed caption feature for admin-uploaded videos. This is a cool feature because it bakes in accessibility features into our platform. Besides being kinda magical in its ease and simplicity, there are several other reasons why this is such a cool feature, so I decided to write a blog post to dive a bit deeper on the feature.

Video: New and Improved Site-Builder

Check out our Fall 2020 new features that make admin's lives easier

Say Hello to Auto-Transcription

Details about Intrepid's latest Fall 2020 new feature.


Intrepid 2019 Spring Release

Rachel and Colin Gause walk you through Intrepid's 2019 spring feature release, including social profiles and enhanced search.

Winter 2020 Release Webinar

New integrations from Intrepid! Webinar with Colin Gause and Rachel Elfenbein


Cutting Through the Clutter

How to curate content to drive high-impact courses