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Sam Herring




Sam leads the VitalSource business for the corporate and professional markets, and has been a leader in the corporate learning industry for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining VitalSource, he was CEO and co-founder of Intrepid Learning Solutions, an industry-leading learning consulting and outsourcing company which was acquired by Xerox in 2015, and CEO Intrepid Learning, the learning technology business acquired by VitalSource in 2017.

Sam is past chairman of the board of directors of ATD (the Association for Talent Development), and is a graduate of Yale and Harvard Universities.




Sales Readiness Group Webinar

How does collaborative learning move the needle for sales organizations?

Zoom Fatigue? Design a Digital Blend to Deliver your Mission-Critical Training Programs

Join Sam and GP Strategies Chief Learning and Innovation Officer Matt Donovan for this webinar to learn how to design a digital learning solution that:Starts with your learner and organizational needs, obsesses over the learner experience, meets your immediate business need and provides a repeatable model for engaging and collaborative learning, and really works!

Innovate Sales Training, COVID-19 and Beyond

Webinar with Sales Readiness Groups' Ray Makela

Reskilling at Scale: A Collaborative Learning Experience

A look at how Microsoft's Surface division utilized the Intrepid platform to deliver an impactful and transformational sales enablement program.


Microlearning is Like Leaves Without a Tree

Training Magazine article debunking the myth of all-powerful microlearning in and of itself, and explaining the key role of context in making microlearning really work.

Leading Your Learning Organization Like a Start-up: Lessons From an Entrepreneur

What does entrepreneurship have to do with building a learning organization? A lot! Check out this Training Industry article for all the how-tos.

Facing Business Disruption? Disrupt Your Learning!

Training Industry article about digital disruption, the learning world, and intersections and opportunities amongst it all.

Here's E-Learning Catalog X, Stop Asking Us for Learning!

Herring reacts to some of the comments in Intrepid's 2019 State of High-Stakes Learning survey.

Why a Declaration of Modern Learner Rights? Where's the Business in That?

Introduction to Intrepid's Declaration of Modern Learner Rights, and why it matters for businesses.

The Brass Ring: Collaborative-Driven Learning Online

Education Technology Insights article focusing on the opportunities online learning has for executive education programs of the future.


Learning is the New Working Podcast: Episode 3

Interview by Chris Pirie (CEO of Learning Futures Group and former CLO of Microsoft) on the state of learning today and much much more.

Brandon Hall HCMx Radio: Business Results from the Modern Learner

Brandon Hall's Rachel Cooke interviews Sam about modern learner rights and business results

Training Industry Podcast: The Learner Experience

"The Learner Experience" is the topic of the day in this discussion with Herring and Cornerstone's Tom Tonkin.

Getting Smart: Next-Gen Professional Learning in the Workplace

Getting Smart interviews Herring and Intrepid's Catie Bull about modern corporate learning, microcredentialing, badging, and more

Using Mission-Focused Learning to Improve Learner Engagement

Sam sits down with analyst Ben Eubanks to talk applied learning and learner engagement.

Collaborative Online Learning: Myth or Reality?

Interview by Christopher Lind of Learning Sharks about collaborative online learning.

Blog Posts

How We're Helping Healthcare Professionals and the Workplace Learning Community through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Case study: Intrepid's program with a leading healthcare organization to reskill nurses for COVID-19 front lines work.

Intrepid's Initial COVID-19 Response

We're here to help workplace learning during the pandemic.