Reimagine Your 2021 Sales Events


How are you planning to energize and train your sales team to be ready to meet the challenges of 2021 without the benefit of a traditional in-person sales kickoff? What’s the best way to reimagine your sales kickoff (SKO) event as a high-impact digital experience? And how do you move beyond just delivering information to inspiring and connecting with your sales team?

Listen to this webinar to learn about a blended solution that overcomes “Zoom fatigue” and delivers connection, collaboration and personalized learning for your SKO. Intrepid by VitalSource Vice President and General Manager Sam Herring, and Director of Business Development Tim Chudy will share how leading companies like Microsoft are addressing this challenge right now. And they’ll share practical tips to reboot your SKO for success by:

  • Re-creating the “spark and buzz” of an in-person event by enabling senior leaders and sales team members to connect and interact in meaningful ways
  • Developing key skills and learning critical information that “sticks” over time — and avoids the “brain melt” that happens after most SKO events
  • Using a digital blend that includes collaborative experiences and other digital modalities to train and coach your teams for year-long success


Sam Herring - Vice President and General Manager, Intrepid by VitalSource

Sam Herring

Vice President and General Manager
Intrepid by VitalSource
Tim Chudy - Director of Business Development at Intrepid

Tim Chudy

Director of Business Development
Intrepid by VitalSource

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