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QuintilesIMS Solves Sales Onboarding Challenges with Award-Winning Blended MOOC Approach

QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA) used a blended learning approach to solve their sales challenges with an 8-week MOOC-like program focused on applied learning using real sales opportunities, peer review and collaboration, and manager feedback. The results have been tremendous and the program is now an integral part of IQVIA’s new sales hire onboarding. Silver 2017 CLO Learning in Practice Award and the recipient of 2 bronze Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning awards.

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Crucial Conversations™ Train-the Trainer Breaks Boundaries in Soft Skills Training Effectiveness

The Intrepid platform’s social features and overall flexibility allowed VitalSmarts to convert their face-to-face trainer certification for their world-renowned Crucial Conversations course to a highly effective online learning experience, one that not only imparted the skills required but helps give new trainers an emotional connection to VitalSmarts’ mission.

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Microsoft Transforms Global Salesforce with Revolutionary Corporate MOOC

Using the Intrepid platform has revolutionized Microsoft’s global sales readiness training and supported the company’s overall transformation at the speed modern business requires—resulting in consistently impressive new revenue directly attributable to these corporate MOOCs.

This “Business School” program designed for 15,000 sellers worldwide has won 11 Brandon Hall Excellence and CLO Learning in Practice Awards to date.

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Health Insurance Call Center Onboarding Adds Thousands of Hours of Productivity to the Business

A large healthcare insurance company increased time to productivity by 15% for call center and claims center new hires—resulting in annuals savings of several million dollars. Using the Intrepid platform has allowed the organization to create an easily administrable roster of hundreds of onboarding and role-specific courses, increasing instructor productivity and training availability regardless of geography. Read the Snapshot button



Global Consulting Firm Saves $500K and Makes Their Most Popular In-Person Course Even Better Online

 A global consulting firm saves $500K annually in classroom costs and makes their most popular in-person training even more exciting by shifting it to the Intrepid platform with a blended learning approach. Read the Snapshot button





Business Acumen + Soft Skills: How Microsoft Is Using Online Collaborative Learning for Public Sector Sellers

Within the larger Microsoft sales organization, the 3,000 global sellers focusing on the public sector (non-profit and government) face some unique challenges with their buyers. Pushing the innovation edge again, the Microsoft-Intrepid team designed an online course that not only teaches critical business strategy and financial acumen concepts, but also soft skills like relationship building and empathetic listening. The online social and collaborative features are proving that you really can effectively teach interactive people-skills entirely online, and the public sector sellers are more productive as a result. cta-button-casestudy



Leadership Development Cascade Dovetails the What,the How, and the Why for Company-Wide Transformation

The Intrepid platform gave this consumer goods manufacturer the capabilities it needed to thread specific company context and meaningful interaction throughout the blended learning experience. The result? empowered individual employees who understand their daily role in enacting a company-wide change management initiative. This exciting leadership development cascade won 2 CLO Learning in Practice Gold awards and a Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Silver award in 2016. Read the Case Study



Reduced Time Off the Job for Worldwide PLM Software Rollout

An aerospace manufacturing organization faced a big challenge: rolling out a new PLM system enterprise-wide, with training required for 70+ roles. An ILT approach would have taken too long, cost too much, and taken employees off the job for too many days. The blended learning solution in the Intrepid platform has not only reduced logistical complexity and time off-the-job, but also helped with performance support and reinforcement over time.Read Snapshot Button


Power of High-Potential Leadership Development Program Boosted

This global manufacturing conglomerate created an exciting continuous learning journey to boost the power of its high-potential leadership development program. The new approach has added momentum, engagement, and powerful ongoing peer-to-peer interaction throughout the 2-year cycle in between in-person events. This program to develop high-potential entry-level talent is critical, given the complex supply chain operations of this large conglomerate (consumer and industrial), and halfway through the first rotation, the online portions have been deemed wildly successful and “invaluable to our company’s future.”Read the Snapshot button


“Global Management Consulting Firm Captures & Shares Intrinsic Legacy Knowledge”

In a fast-moving, highly-competitive organization, being able to get information not just when you need it, but in a manner you can quickly learn and succeed with, is critical. The problem at this global management consulting firm: a knowledge gap between newly-appointed partners and venerable senior leadership. The opportunity: capturing and sharing tacit legacy knowledge. The solution: a blended approach on the Intrepid platform with both online and face-to-face mentoring for new partners from tenured partners, and applied learning assignments resulting in real work products for critical client prospects. The results: terrific response across generations and experience levels about the ease of the experience and the value of the shared insights.Read the Snapshot button


Snapshot: Global Management Consulting Firm Captures & Shares Intrinsic Legacy Knowledge


Senior Partner Development Busts “Executives Won’t Learn Online” Myth

‘Executives just won’t do online learning’…pfft! The sophisticated, time-starved, senior partners at this professional services firm certainly proved that one wrong. This global company traditionally brought executives together every other year for development. The Intrepid platform was used for pre-work for the in-person event, ‘priming the pump’ for live conversations, and making their time together in one location more productive. The 10 voluntary MOOC-like courses on strategic themes were met with great enthusiasm and engagement, and deemed “very effective preparation” for the live event.cta-button-snapshot

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